Available Puppies

Pictured above is an English F1b medium male Goldendoodle that is available for adoption. Born May 28th. Parents are Chelsea and Griffin. He is so sweet and is crate trained and either will ring the bell or bark to go outside. $2000

Pictured above is one of Daisy and Forrest's English F1 male Standard Goldendoodles. We have 5 males available in this litter. Email us for photos of all the boys in the litter. Choosing is on Sept. 20th and they will be ready to leave starting October 4th. $2000


We do have litters bred in the mini, medium and standard sizes that will be ready to leave in October, November and December. We are accepting depostis on future litters. Email us for information on which pairs are expecting.

We can deliver to Orange County, CA for Christmas time frame. We have females bred for puppies to be leaving in the mini and medium sizes at that time. Email for details on the delivery fee. 

We can deliver to Colorado Springs, CO in November. Email for date and which litters would be ready to leave at that time. 

We do offer potty training which begins at 8 weeks of age, for the puppies that are enrolled in the program. The puppies are trained by a professional trainer that has been training puppies for us for several years. Tina does an amazing job! 

E-mail us for information.